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Mission and Vision

Mission: Chilanguerias is committed to celebrating the vibrant culture, rich history, and delicious cuisine of Mexico City, lovingly referred to as “La Ciudad de México” by its locals. Our mission is to be the go-to online platform that brings the essence of Chilango life to individuals worldwide.

Vision: As the leading source of Chilango culture and experiences, Chilanguerias strives to foster a greater appreciation for Mexico City’s diverse and unparalleled influences on art, music, food, and overall lifestyle. We aim to connect people from all corners of the globe who share a deep fascination for this captivating metropolis.


Chilanguerias was established in About Us. From humble beginnings, the company has grown into a passionate team of enthusiasts dedicated to showcasing the beauty of Mexico City. As fellow Chilango connoisseurs, our team members understand the value of authenticity, cultural preservation, and exposure. Together, we’ve united our skills, expertise, and love for this unique city to create a comprehensive online space that immerses visitors in an authentic portrayal of Mexico City’s distinct charm.

Founder: Christine Vance

At the helm of Chilanguerias is our visionary founder, Christine Vance. With a profound connection to the soul of Mexico City and a true passion for Chilango culture, Christine has dedicated her life to sharing the wonders of this dynamic city with the world. Her extensive experience in travel journalism, coupled with numerous visits to Mexico City, played a pivotal role in motivating her to establish Chilanguerias. Through her tireless efforts, Christine spearheads our mission to provide an authoritative platform for exploring the richness of Mexico City’s past and present, while fostering a global community of fellow Chilango enthusiasts.

The Creation of Our Website

Chilanguerias was born out of the desire to cater to an audience hungry for genuine, insider knowledge that delves beyond tourist clichés. Understanding the overwhelming online clutter and the lack of reliable Chilanguo-centric resources, our team decided to create a dedicated platform that offers comprehensive and trustworthy information about Mexico City.

Website Objective and Target Audience

Our website’s primary objective is to immerse viewers in the vibrant essence of Mexico City by providing rich, meticulously researched content spanning various facets of Chilango life. Whether you’re seeking gastronomic delights, unexplored cultural landmarks, trendsetting fashion, or hidden gems off the beaten path, Chilanguerias aims to be your reliable digital companion. With insiders’ recommendations, detailed neighborhood guides, and extensively curated content, we strive to inspire, inform, and captivate our audience.

Our target audience comprises both potential travelers and passionate cultural enthusiasts alike. We cater to those who wish to gain profound insights into Mexico City’s distinct character, fostering an undying curiosity that drives them to experience its multitude of unforgettable offerings firsthand.

Our Unique Value

What distinguishes Chilanguerias from other online resources is our dedication to providing an authoritative perspective backed by a team of experienced and highly skilled editors. Our contributors, who possess an intimate understanding of Mexico City’s history, keep our content accurate, engaging, and relevant. By staying connected to local trends, attending cultural events, and continually exploring this fascinating city ourselves, we offer up-to-date insights and premium recommendations that allow our audience to navigate Mexico City with confidence.

Join us on this mesmerizing journey through the enchanting streets, captivating flavors, and unparalleled experiences awaiting every Chilango enthusiast.

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